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Thank you for landing on my web site. I repair Indian harmoniums in my home in Boulder, CO. 

If your harmonium is giving you problems, contact me for more repair information. I work out of my home in North Boulder and can also do remote support via video conference.

This option can be less than ideal and not very efficient, but can sometimes be a better option than shipping it to me. Read more about my background and some analysis of three obsolete electronic music devices, the Photon MIDI Guitar Controller, the Anatek Wind Machine, and the Yamaha Breath Controller.

Bhava Mini Harmonium

Bhava Mini Kirtan Harmonium

If you are interested in studying kirtan, I suggest the Kirtan Leader Institute.

Latest News and Updates

April 4th, 2023

I recently repaired an older Bina harmonium that had some surprising issues caused by the wood shrinking in the dry climate of Colorado where I live. Read more here

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